HR Licence – Heavy Rigid

What can I drive with a HR driving licence?

  • Trucks and buses with a GVM more than eight tonnes, and three or more axles
  • Any towed trailer must not weigh more than nine tonnes GVM
  • Bendy buses. Even though these vehicles are articulated, they’re treated as rigid vehicles.

There are 2 types of Heavy Rigid Licence – Manual & Automatic

  • Heavy Rigid Manual
    • No restrictions on gearbox – can drive any HR vehicle with an Automatic, Synchromesh or Non Synchromesh gearbox
  • Heavy Rigid Condition B
    • Can drive HR vehicle with a Manual (synchromesh) or Automatic gearbox.

How do I get my HR Licence?


  • Have held a class C licence, (except a learner licence) or equivalent for two years or more. Any time you've spent on a P1 licence counts, but you can't practice to drive an HR vehicle, or upgrade to an HR licence until you hold a P2 or full class C licence




  • Contact U Learn Truck Driving School on 0414 422 132 to book your training and assessment.


  • Undertake a Heavy Vehicle competency based assessment (HVCBA)

What is HVCBA?

HVCBA( Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment)  gives you the flexibility to choose your driving school such as U Learn Truck Driving school to organise your training and assessment.  We will train you in specifically set-out vehicles to make your learning experience comfortable and pleasurable. All of our trucks are fully insured and well maintained.

Under HVCBA, you’ll be assessed under a wide range of driving conditions by our assessors who have been accredited by Roads and Maritime Services. U Learn Truck Driving School will deliver your training course as well as organise an assessor to conduct your assessment.

Once you successfully completed your course, you can go to a registry or service centre to be issued with your upgraded licence.

When you've successfully completed HVCBA

Once you’ve successfully completed all the required criteria, and passed:

You can then attend a registry or service centre in person and apply for your upgraded licence. You’ll need to:

A photo will then be taken at the RMS, and your licence will be on its way.


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